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By WaxNinja
Wax Ninja approved!
September 6, 2022
Awesome product. Very easy to work with. The wipe off is super easy even when working in direct sun!
ProsDirect sun friendly Easy wipe off Oxidation removal Smells like cinnamon
By William
Forestdale, Massachusetts
Super Easy To Use
August 31, 2020
It's my goto for quicker details. Sun friendly too if you're stuck outside. You can easily polish the entire car and then go back to remove. Easiest / fastest polish to remove. Doesn't provide alot of correction but definitely adds gloss and more improvement than other all in one polishes.
ProsUser friendly. Easy take off. High gloss. Great paint enhancement all in one polish.
ConsNot much correction / cut
By Lee
Somerville, TN
Works fantastic
May 17, 2020
A really good product for an all-in-one. Very fine cut and easy to use. Sealant life is to be determined since I used it a week ago but good so far!
By Jay
Central Florida
Lives up to its name!
February 5, 2020
I used a Rupes 21ES with a white pad and BF One Step. Surface had been washed, had a chemical and mechanical decon and was dried. The goal was 80% or better of the swirls removed. I was looking to add clarity and depth to the paint without using a ton of time as well as leave behind some protection. 2 hours later and the results speak for themselves. This Subaru paint is relatively soft so minimal effort was needed.
ProsThis is a solid All in One. Wipe off was easy and the shine was impressive.
By mz
Beach Park, IL
As good as ever
July 2, 2019
I've been using Blackfire products for a long time and was looking for a quick one-step product. I've used the 'polish/sealer before, but this looked like a new formula so I was a little hesitant. I've now used this product on 3 cars and they all turned out great.
ProsEasy to use Doesn't mark up black plastic one-step
ConsIt's not cheap
By David
Glen Ellyn, IL
Worked great but too pricey
March 18, 2019
Could easily be one of the best all-in-ones I’ve used. This can go toe to toe with HD Speed, McKee’s 360 or Megs products. Problem comes in when you take price into account of this product versus those, that’s why 4 stars and not 5. Product is still very enjoyable to use with great cutting and finishing ability!
ProsCut and finished nicely Can go toe to toe with all the other leading AIO?s Smells great
ConsLittle too pricey compared to rivals
By Jed
My go-to
August 11, 2018
I use this on all the daily drivers I do and everyone loves it. Looks great, decent cut, easy to use.
ConsSlow the speed down with a Long Throw, not a con just watch out
By Tony
Easy to apply, high gloss level and did not leave residue
July 16, 2018
The finish looks and feels good. I cannot comment yet on the durability
By Richard S.
Overland Park KS
excellent product for 1 step work.
July 16, 2018
easy to work 1 step product. I use a Festool random/full rotary tool and works well with this product. Will remove swirl marks and light scratches easily and leaves a nice finish that seems to last.
By Rob
Better than Speed
July 6, 2018
Ok, maybe €œas good or better”, but either way that’s a huge compliment. I enjoy using this more than a dedicated polish. Wipes off very easily, even when left on awhile. Very good correction. It lays down Blackfire Paint Sealant. All very good things.
ProsCorrection, wipe off, appearance.
By Randy
Byesville , Ohio
Great AIO
April 29, 2018
Blackfire one step is a great aio product it's very easy to remove and leaves a nice shine removes light swirls with little buffing.
ProsEase of use
By Jeff
Kennewick, WA
Easy to apply, works very well.
April 18, 2017
I used this after stripping my car of previous layers of wax, and prior to using Blackfire Crystal Seal. It applies easily and has a pleasant smell. I believe it enhanced the shine prior to applying the Crystal Seal.
By Garrett
Irving, TX
Great Product
January 5, 2017
Have used this product on wife's (silver) car for about a year now and been happy with the results but recently I decided to give it a go on my red Ram 1500 and holy smokes! I was taken aback by how great it shined up. Furthermore, a week in and the dust that usually settles on the truck has not been able to hold on.
ProsSmells Good. Great Finish. Keeps the paint "slicker than snot".
ConsYou don't have to have a machine polisher but I couldn't imagine using this product by hand. I typically end up having to buff some of the product off (which I would do with any other product anyway).
By Angelo
Avon Park, FL
BLACKFIRE Is Now My Go-To Product!
September 30, 2016
Product was recommended by someone and all I can say is WOW! Applied this to several vehicles with an orbital polisher and shines the car beautifully. A great protecter/sealant for your car. Use in conjunction with BLACKFIRE Crystal Seal and you've got a great combo to make your car turn heads!
ProsEasy to apply (orbital polisher recommended to reduce time). Brings out the shine in the vehicle's paint. Smells like bubble gum and not chemicals.
By dennis
great stuff
July 8, 2016
I used this black fire polish & seal on my red 08 cad, 09 black ford f150 pickup, 97 green jeep, 03 white and blue glastron boat and my 2013 black and red Polaris rzr side by side and it works great . it brings out the color with a great shine
Prosgreat shine and easy to aply
Consnone that I could see
April 17, 2016
By Mary B.
Burnsville, MN
Blackfire TP&S
January 28, 2016
I used this after heavy then light compounding, with a green polishing pad, worked it about 3 passes till it disappeared, buffed it. This product helps fine tune your efforts, then seals it in so you can wax. I checked the outcome with a Flex light and in the sunlight.. spectacular ! This product is a definite keeper.
ProsGreat scent, easy to dispense, a small amount needed.
By Philip
San Diego, CA
Great results by hand
January 16, 2016
I don't have a machine polisher and I'm used to using the Klasse Twins by hand. TPS was very easy to work by hand, maybe even easier than Klasse AIO. It starts disappearing on its own so very little residue to buff off. I used a MF applicator pad and it seemed to clog up less compared to KAIO as well. Left a clean and slick finish. Followed immediately by BF Crystal Seal and the results were awesome.
ProsGreat results by hand Very little dusting and residue to buff
ConsDoesn't correct well by hand, but then again nothing else really does either.
By J
Great product!
September 18, 2015
Another home run by Blackfire. Very easy to use with great results!
ProsEasy to use.
By Paul
watertown wi
totally awesome
September 15, 2015
as i titled totally awesome. I only wish i would have gotten this sooner and that is my only regret. my wife who doesnt notice if the car looks nice or not, noticed and her car still looks stunning after weeks
Pros2 steps down to one
By Marlene W.
Lemont, IL
July 22, 2015
Did a 2006 Ford Taurus that had minor swirls and "washed out" paint from strong commercial car wash detergent. Car looks better than new. Followed with BF Wet Diamond and still hope to top with BF Midnight Sun. This product is perfect for cars in decent shape to start. What a time saver. Easy to use, no hazing, no residue. Applied with white polishing pad. A great, great one step for both professional and personal use. Thanks BlackFire for your awesome line up!
ProsEasy application on/off No unpleasant smell Incredible results
By jeremy
columbia, SC
A true time saver
April 3, 2015
This product is the only AIO that in my opinion does exactly what it says it will do. I use this in my production style business. I get results that make it look like I worked on the car all day long. If you top this this with the BF Midnight Sun paste wax, you really will cause whiplash! One of my favorite all time products.
ProsEasy On, Easy Off Time Saver Lets me get more cars done in a day Cost effective
ConsNothing so far, but I am trying to find one
By Tpr1634
South Jersey
Purty good stuff
December 30, 2014
Great product for the diy weekend detailers, Ive used it on my tux black 150 to customers vehicle for a one step.
ProsInexpensive Ease of use Cleans paint Great for daily driver
ConsNot a dislike but I would top with a wax.
By Jeff
Great Mills, MD
Great Polish
October 25, 2014
I used this product on a 2005 SUV that had been neglected for a few years. The result was a shine that was better than when it was new from the dealership.
ProsVery easy to apply Comes off quickly Does not leave white film on black plastic trim parts
By Nathan
Los Angeles, CA
Great Results with little work
October 15, 2014
Blackfire Total Polish & Seal was extremely easy to apply and left a great shine. I followed it up with Crystal Seal but didn't use the Wet Diamond due to the cost. I will note that I applied it by hand and I think and orbital polisher would really improve the look.
ProsEasy, Fast and Great Results
By Ronald
New Jersey
October 7, 2014
Bought the full array of Blackfire products (total polish & seal, wet diamond, and crystal seal). Together these thee products delivered a shine that is simply outstanding. Application was easy (orbital polisher) and the results simply amazing. Neighbors love the wet look of my corvette. Procedures: Wash vehicle with Dawn dish detergent, and clay vehicle. Then use Blackfire Total Polish & Seal following the directions on the bottle. Use any model of orbital polisher to obtain a deep clean vehicle. Next step is wet diamond followed with crystal seal. If, on a budget pass on the wet diamond and go directly to the crystal seal.
ProsEase of use. The crystal seal product is a 15 - 30 minute job
By Phil
Plano, Texas
Better than expected!
September 23, 2014
I heard about the Blackfire Wet Diamond products on the Corvette Forum. After doing a little online research, I became intrigued with the way it makes the paint on a black car come alive. I purchased all of the products I thought I needed and then some including the Total Polish and Seal. Since my car is a 2014 model with only 3,000 miles, I decided to try the TP&S first because it was the least abrasive and I would know right away if it was going to be better than the proven products I have been using for years. After claying the car with the BFWD mild clay, I polished the whole car with TP&S using an orbital polisher with a white foam pad. It wiped off very easily and the black paint became blacker than I had ever seen before and the finish became clearer (no haze) than ever before. It was like looking into a black hole with miles of depth. In fact, I told a fellow car club member that it looked like a black diamond! This weekend I plan to apply the BF All Finish Paint Protection followed by the BF Crystal Seal Paint Sealant and top it off with the Black Ice Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax. If my car looks this good with the BFTP&S, I can't wait to see what it looks like after I apply these other fine products on top of it. I couldn't be happier with the results after just one application. Thank You Blackfire Wet Diamond for bringing us these great products. You now have another believer!
ProsThe results are incredible. Greater depth to the finish and a gloss that is better than anything else I have ever tried.
ConsIt is pricier that most other products but I am sold on the results.
By Chris
Great AIO and base for Blackfire LSPs.
September 4, 2014
Minimal cut, but great cleaning and protecting. Great for one-two combos of Blackfire products. I apply crystal seal after this and the shine and protection are unreal. Photo below showing some minor cut
ProsEase of use, smell
By Karen
Port Arthur, TX
Blackfire Total Polish and Seal
May 23, 2014
Love all Blackfire products and this product is great to use on a daily driver car.
ProsIt made my car look great! Easy to use and just like all Blackfire products, it makes your paint shine!!
By David B.
Viera, FL
May 5, 2014
Love this stuff. Made my brand new car look simply amazing!
By Edward
Parkville, MO
April 21, 2014
Leavrs a great shine an protects the paint
ProsEasy to apply
By Johnny B.
Polish & Seal
September 3, 2013
I applied this product to my wife's silver 2006 Lexus GX470 with my buffer & the paint came to life. The flake sparkled in the sun like never before. Easy on & easy off application with an unbelievable shine.
ProsEasy application
By Jon A.
Works OK
March 23, 2013
Does what it's advertised to do, was expecting a little more paint protectant though. Used the product with a Porter Cable polisher
By jeremyp969
Product works well - but did I get a used one?
March 15, 2013
When I first started using it fresh out of the box nothing would come out. Thought maybe it had one of those foil caps under the didn't. Took a while to realize that there was a bunch of dried up polish gunk in the cap that was blocking anything from getting through. Kinda messy to fix, but got it working. Just wonder on autopia's quality control
ProsProduct works very well.
ConsAutopia's quality control
By Larry
February 4, 2013
Excellent product, goes on and of easily.
By BobbyG
A refreshing addition the the BlackFire Lineup
April 20, 2012
BLACKFIRE Total Polish & Seal is a quality, easy to use product. It leaves the finish clean, shinny, smooth, and protected. What I didn't realize it how dirty the paint actually was and how efficient and easy BLACKFIRE Total Polish & Seal removed it leaving the finish clean and bright! I set the machine speed to 5 and worked a 2X2 area and a 3 sectional pass for each. BLACKFIRE Total Polish & Seal cleaned and did a decent job at removing minor swirls and like defects. Once the product hazed, I buffed it using a Cobra Deluxe Jr. 600 Microfiber Towel. Buffing was effortless and within minutes all that was left was a gorgeous shine!!
ProsWorks very well Easy to use Brilliant shine
ConsNothing to dislike
By Michael
Round Rock, TX
Magic for the well cared for car
April 17, 2012
BF Total Polish & Seal can take a good looking car and make it amazing - especially when topped with BlackFire Crystal Seal.
ProsEasy to use Polish, cleaner and protectant in one product Smells great
By ralph
April 7, 2012
the best car care on the market and it works
Consthere were no dislikes

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